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Published : 01/29/2017 12:52:24
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Finally, I begin this project that makes me so happy. My blog, that although I write it, my muses in this case are my companions, who are the ones who give me the best of the products, to have possibilities to visit the best hotel establishments that we have in our Country. So I have the desire and the enthusiasm to share, for whoever wants, all those details so thought and chosen by the numerous hotels that I visit. 

Recepcion del Hotel Sol donde disponen de nuestros Amenities

Details that sometimes go unnoticed, because when we land in a hotel, we are either eager to take a towel to go to the beach, or wear some sports to visit the city, or we arrived after a long day of work and we passed by high. 

But if you stop to think, what really makes a difference in a hotel is all that has happened in your stay, everything that makes it in your selective and positive memory. The service, the good rest, the placid shower that you gave, the buffet, the smile of the receptionist, basically what has made you feel at home. All these are details, of more or less magnitude, but everything counts.    

Whatever the detail, choose with the utmost care a mattress, a lamp, a vase, a plaid ... has a lot of effort on the part of a team.Everything is thought for the maximum enjoyment of the client. That is a beautiful thing. The hotelier becomes the best host.

At Logistel Amenities we are fortunate to be able to participate in these great projects. In this case the great fortune of having lived in the forefront all that has led to the recent opening of the Hotel La Casa Del Sol in Barcelona.   

In one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city, El Barrio de Gracia, has just opened a few days ago, a small large hotel with 18 rooms.

With a lot of class and with great care, everything that you saw it, has been chosen by its owners and address as if of their houses was. Fully empathizing with the environment and the current lifestyle.

Amenities de Logistel para el Hotel del Sol

In this is our world, the amenity, has chosen a product of the highest quality, "Perlage". Agustí Torelló, oenologist, and Alberto Sánchez, pharmacist, devised an original combination of exclusive ingredients from the grapevine and created a novel cosmetic line to prevent cellular aging. Cava, rich in trace elements and resveratrol, combined with grape stem cells and grape seed oil, are the active ingredients of the line.

The cava is not only beneficial to our health taken in moderation, but also provides active antiaging principles for our skin in its topical application. Innovation marks the trend of this line.  

Besides all this, which is already a lot, it is a product made here. And it is another important detail that decided ownership. Also note that they have customized. Equally important is that the client knows, knows and enjoys Perlage, as important is that he knows and remembers who offered it.  

I end up with a curiosity: Do you know what Perlage means? It is the name given to the bubbles of carbon dioxide that form after serving a glass of cava or champagne.


A greeting and until the next "detail"

Esther Llamas

Logistel Amenities - Enero 2.017

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