In Logistel Amenities we are committed to the Environment. We know the importance of putting sustainable products on the market and with minimal environmental impact. That is why we allocate a large part of our resources to the development of articles that respect nature. Plastics made from corn starch, containers made in post-consumer PET (recycled plastic), biodegradable and compostable materials and natural cosmetics are part of our wide range of ECO amenities already available. The health of our planet is everyone's, we will be happy to advise you on this path.


    Our philosophy is to offer our customers a high quality cosmetics can offer the best guarantees, marked by stringent quality guidelines for the production and placing on the market of cosmetic products in the European Union. For this reason our products are manufactured by specialized laboratories that meet all standards required by the European Union and by any cosmetic imported from outside the EU. Exhaustive controls throughout the production chain, give us the best guarantees to offer our customers the ideal product.


    Our design team is at your disposal to develop attractive and innovative proposals for its customized products. We know how important the image to their hotels, that is why, based on their ideas, or getting advice from our design team, get some quality amenities that will give them a highly favorable outcome, as our experience in the sector and knowledge of the latest trends, allows us to be able to advice our customers need.